Over the last month in January, on occasion of the Birth Anniversaries of Savitribai Phule, Fatima Sheikh, Jijabai.. We have reached several schools, colleges, ITIs, Ashram Shalas – both students and teachers, with trainings on Mental Justice, mental health, gender, POSH Act, Constitution, leadership, legal awareness.

These educational institutions have been reached through the initiatives of youth who have been associated with Anubhuti, and who wished that their classmates and teachers also benefit from the trainings and progressive ideas that they were being exposed to.

Industrial Training Institutions and Ashram Shalas (residential schools) are very important “last mile” institutions, due to which youth who would have otherwise dropped out stay in education. The social, mental, emotional situation of these youth and adolescents are more vulnerable. The teachers who work with them need to develop more sensitivity and awareness about the intersectionalities and how to respond to them; they too need support for their own mental health and capacity.

Every session, workshop has led to planning for more sessions, to connections with more institutions for more trainings.. We are looking forward to these connections and possibilities.

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