Disaster Management Kits Distribution

On 26th January, we reached another milestone in our work with NT-DNT communities where two NT-DNT groups (residing in and near Kolegaon, Dombivali East and Circus Ground, Ambernath West) were provided with big utensil sets, stove and stretcher - as part of Disaster Management Kits. This was followed by another such distribution on 1st April … Continue reading Disaster Management Kits Distribution

Streetplays on COVID-19 social awareness

The Covid19 pandemic and lockdown brought a wave of difficulties, challenges and injustices. While everyone suffered, it was a "life-and-death period" as stated by founder Deepa Pawar, for NT-DNT communities and other already deprived groups. Among them, women, trans persons, the disabled, etc. were even more vulnerable. They faced privations and exploitation not just economically … Continue reading Streetplays on COVID-19 social awareness

World Mental Health Day celebrated

On the occasion of Mental Health Day which is observed on 10th October every year, an activity was carried out at Kolegaon centre. Starting a day before, the Kolegaon youth met at the centre on 9th October to discuss and articulate their thoughts on mental health. Through hand-made posters and charts, the youth highlighted the … Continue reading World Mental Health Day celebrated