Many a time when we try to get access to facilities and services we face denial. As we belong to a particular community our tradition is to perform dance in marriages. Society’s way of looking at us is very negative and contemptuous because of this; sometimes we feel sexually harassed. Your program was so comfortable that we got easy access to it. For the first time we did not have to undergo male domination as your organisation is totally managed by women and even the men affiliated to your team are so sensitive that we felt comfortable in front of them. We didn’t need to have any ‘contacts’ to get ration from you, you instead came looking for us.

NT woman in Kalyan

Deepa Pawar is the only nomadic person in entire Maharashtra whose organisation ANUBHUTI is working for nomadic tribes almost on a war footing since the lockdown started. No other organisation is working for us, that is reaching multiple nomadic & denotified tribes. We now see Deepa madam as a strong pillar of nomadic tribes. In her guidance her organisation has provided relief to our people with ensuring their dignity. In this covid pandemic our people are jobless with no means of livelihood, which she recognized. Through her our community got a boost in our survival struggle, so our nomadic community will always stand with her.

Bhimrao Engole, NT leader in Ambernath

We are the people who can make even iron sweat. We never ask anything of anyone but we are now reduced to a situation of taking donated ration. We just want to ask the government to pay attention to our plight and respond.

NT ground leader, Satara

What next? Is a question that constantly haunts us. Will we stay at home like this even after lockdown ends? Will we find food? What about house rent?  What about going to our next destination from where we are stuck now? How will we survive? These questions never let us rest for a minute. Your Ration Kit has solved at least the question of food for a month.

NT woman from Badlapur

It has been 3 days since I had even a cup of tea. I am an educated young man but I could not contribute in any way at home in this lockdown and was feeling ashamed. After I saw the message of your transfer to my bank account, I finally made myself a cup of tea.

NT disabled young man, Beed

हॊ, डायरी च्या प्रत्येक पानावर रिऍलिसटिक विचार आहेत …प्रॅकटीकॅलिटी पुरेपूर भरली आहे…मज्जा येतेय रोज नविन
लिहता लिहता वाचायला

Amol Rajshri Tanaji Shingade, receiving a copy of 2021 Mental Justice Planner Diary

आपल्या जीवनातील प्रत्येक क्षण योग्य मार्गाने जर्ण्यासाठी या नोंद वही चा वापर करण्यात येईल.

Lalchand Bhoir, community leader of Kolegaon after receiving a copy of Mental Justice Planner Diary

You have chosen the perfect Disaster Kit for these communities. They did a lot to serve
their people last year in the lockdown – I have seen their efforts. Some of them ran community
kitchens by hiring utensils, and after about a month when they asked the hiring cost – it came
to over a lakh rupees! The people are hard-working and skilled but not educated, so they can
be taken advantage of. This Kit will help them be self-sustaining.

MLA Ganpat Gaikwad, during Disaster Kit distribution with a NT-DNT group

We women are used to so much harassment, from subtle disrespect to major fights, that we would
rather settle in a less harassing environment even if it is not conducive to our development.

A woman during workshop on Mental Justice in Kolegaon

I found this program unique and very important, that we are taking the meaning of the
Indian Constitution door-to-door. Otherwise, most of us don’t even realize the difference between
Independence Day and Republic Day. Today we not only presented Door plates with the words “I am committed to the Indian Constitution..” but also had dialogues about what it means for us..

Bhushan, a youth leader during ‘Sanvidhan Samvaad’ (Constitution Conversations) campaign