Community Development & Participation Centres: Civil Rights, Family Conflicts, De-Addiction, Mental Health, Sexual Health, Career & Education

Youth-led Community Development with Nomadic & Denotified Tribe (NT-DNT), Adivasi (Scheduled Tribes), Bahujan (Scheduled Castes), Rural, Urban bastis, padas and tent settlements

Disaster Resilience and Recovery: Resources-Building, Knowledge-Building & Capacity-Building with NT-DNT, Adivasi, rural and urban deprived communities to recover from COVID impact, be prepared for impending disasters, and to lead environmental justice work

Higher Education Spaces Safe: in context of Mental Health and Sexual Harassment

Training, Capacity Building & Awareness for Youth Mental Health in Colleges, Schools, and related institutions

Constitution Literacy: ‘Ghar-Ghar Sanvidhan Sanvad’ campaign in communities, ‘Hum Sanvidhanvadi’ campaign in public places, Inter-Collegiate Competitive Exam

Training of elected corporators, police, school principals, health workers, sanitation workers, ICDS supervisors in their Constitutional roles, Rights & Responsibilities

Training Corporates & Colleges in Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act 2013

Equipping schools & colleges for Mental Health support to students & teachers

Youth & Community-Led Data Advocacy: Action-Research, Audits, Creation of Literature & Content and Storytelling for creating progressive narratives in every sector

Sanitation Rights of NT-DNT & other marginalized: Dignified, accessible, affordable community & public toilets in context of Gender, Mental Health, Disability Rights, Sexuality, Body Dignity

History Reclaiming: “Historical Ideological Journeys” – tours along with on-site immersive learning at places of historical significance where movements and work for democracy, education, rights of the marginalized, etc. were carried out since ancient times since Indian History.

Sharir Sanvaad Abhiyan: Sexual Reproductive Dignity & Equity