Maharashtra with the highest number of cases in India, is going back into lockdown. For those who depend on daily wages and won’t be able to work, this year will be worse than 2020, becausepeople are physically, emotionally, financially depleted to start with. 

Anubhuti is starting relief work again – with extra efforts to reach pregnant women, single women, disabled among the poorest of the poor Nomadic & De-notified Tribes living on outskirts of towns and villages, most without documents due to nomadic lifestyle, making them ineligible for any government benefits

Last year we managed to reach over 4500 families across 15 Districts and 3 states with your help. We were the only organization to reach these families – NT-DNTs are invisible to both government and civil society. We are getting calls for help and need to re-start relief immediately.
As always, we can send you updates of how donations were used if you wish. 

Link to donate: