Intersectional Career Counselling

Since the beginning of June, we are running "Career Counseling with Mental Justice" program - group counselling, one-to-one guidance, online admissions support, family counseling, information about various courses and scholarships according to each youth's interest, aptitude, and needs. Most importantly, this is with the understanding that youth's education prospects are not an individual matter but … Continue reading Intersectional Career Counselling

Film about our “Mann Mela – Mental Justice Fair”

This is a glimpse of our Mann Mela - Mental Justice Fair! Launched in 2018, this is a module with 8 games - created for and by grassroot leaders.. Anubhuti's founder Deepa Pawar, with lived experiences as a woman, from a nomadic tribe, with multiple vulnerabilities, first conceptualized in 2016 such a highly accessible, … Continue reading Film about our “Mann Mela – Mental Justice Fair”

Mann Mela with ITI College Young Women on International Women’s Day

Anubhuti had launched Mann Mela in 2018 - a unique games based, grassroot led, highly adaptable to diverse contexts module for mental health literacy & support. It has been carried out with over 500 youth and women in colleges, rural areas & adivasi villages since 4 years. The 'fair' currently has 8 stalls: Mukhavte (Emotion masks), Saap Sidhi (Snakes … Continue reading Mann Mela with ITI College Young Women on International Women’s Day

Another Youth Led Mann Mela

Anubhuti's unique Mann Mela module is dynamically developing every year since its launch in 2018. It provides mental health literacy, awareness and support from a social justice lens, in a language that is accessible, easily understood, and unburdened by stigma and jargon. Every year, another set of youth team is trained to conduct it, so … Continue reading Another Youth Led Mann Mela

Leadership Training with Youth

"Our Founder is the most socio-politically marginalized in our group" - this simple statement by a team member today, at a Leadership workshop with youth, tells an entire story of personal struggle as well as organizational risk-bearing capacity of its leadership. We find this statement to be an organizational privilege - grassroot leadership gives direction, … Continue reading Leadership Training with Youth