Leadership Training with Youth

"Our Founder is the most socio-politically marginalized in our group" - this simple statement by a team member today, at a Leadership workshop with youth, tells an entire story of personal struggle as well as organizational risk-bearing capacity of its leadership. We find this statement to be an organizational privilege - grassroot leadership gives direction, … Continue reading Leadership Training with Youth

Mental Justice session with women in Kolegaon, Dombivali

"We women are used to so much harassment, from subtle disrespect to major fights, that we would rather settle in a less harassing environment even if it is not conducive to our development" said trainer Deepa Pawar, as the women agreed.  On Saturday November 7, Anubhuti held an interactive and informative session on Women's Health. … Continue reading Mental Justice session with women in Kolegaon, Dombivali

World Mental Health Day celebrated

On the occasion of Mental Health Day which is observed on 10th October every year, an activity was carried out at Kolegaon centre. Starting a day before, the Kolegaon youth met at the centre on 9th October to discuss and articulate their thoughts on mental health. Through hand-made posters and charts, the youth highlighted the … Continue reading World Mental Health Day celebrated

#MentalJustice online talk series

Since the last few months, as our communities, youth, parents, teachers and every stakeholder is grappling with the unprecedented pandemic and lockdown, we started our #MentalJustice online series. We invited experts to address various social, political, administrative, economic factors of mental distress affecting grassroot groups, in the COVID crisis. Do take a look: https://www.facebook.com/195363630812329/videos/291573025259887 Adv. … Continue reading #MentalJustice online talk series