In the last week of September, on occasion of anniversaries of our great progressive leaders Bhagat Singh and the establishment of Satyashodhak Samaj by Mahatma Jyotiba Phule , Fellows of our Guts Fellowship collaborated with youth and leaders across NT-DNT and Adivasi communities to carry out ideological , intellectual development and awareness through competitions based on rangoli, sports, poster making, cartoon making, and film screening with adolescents and youth.

These were completely youth-led activities, touching upon very relevant matters identified by them such as – child safety during Ganpati visarjan, child labour, farmers and nature, mental health, cultural representation, community resources that are needed… Everything from speaking with stakeholders and leaders in the community, to budgeting, logistics, food, deciding the activity, mobilization , inviting the judges , anchoring the event and prize distribution were handled by Fellows with help from other members of their youth group.

Women’s Games
Rangoli Making
Collage Making
Lok-Utsav Team – Guts Fellows with Anubhuti team, and our Guests and Jury at one community!