On asked, “Why does our Constitution start with the words – We the people of India”, a child answered – “Because India is of all of us”

Anubhuti has been carrying out hundreds of sessions, workshops, film screenings, awareness events for 8 years through our Hum Sanvidhanwadi campaign, and we see that there is a lot of awareness about the Constitution on the ground – in an everyday, simple way.

We are also seeing schools responding very positively, since we go with games-based modules to take the slightly complicated topics of constitutional literacy in easy to understand and accessible manners for their students and staff.

This was one of a series of workshops we are doing this year for Constitution Literacy with school students in Zilla Parishad and Nagar Palika schools.

The training is alongwith creating space for their thoughts and expressions – what their child’s mind understands about the systems around them for their protection, their rights, their safety, their participation, their expression, their development, their growth.. The fact that they understand these questions and answer with “laws”, “rajyaghatna”, “education system”, “court” etc. show they are aware of the Constitutional provisions and systems in their own way.

Each adolescent go home with a copy of the Indian Constitution’s Preamble, with some prizes they win during the competitions such as quiz and debate organized after the session, and most importantly with thoughts that have started taking root in their minds after the session!

Schools are welcoming us, committing multiple sessions of 3 hrs every 15-20 days for this process of Constitutional literacy. We are privileged where teachers in such rural and interior areas are saying slogans like “Savtrimaincha vijay aso” , “Dr Babasahebancha vijay aso” (victory be to Savtribai Phule, victory be to Dr. B.R.Ambedkar).

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