Youth-led Public Campaign on International Women’s Day

Youth from Bamanwada, Bandra, Jogeshwari, Dombivali, Badlapur came together on 8th March for a public campaign to enroll people's support to the safety of women and girls. 8th March is celebrated worldwide, acknowledging equal rights of women; a day that historically signifies rights of working women. In the context of heinous crimes against women - … Continue reading Youth-led Public Campaign on International Women’s Day

‘Goal-Path’ Planning Workshop with Raahi

On the 22nd of June, Members of Raahi Youth Network got together for a session on creating their goals, in order to achieve their dreams of the future. The session led by Deepa Pawar was very intensive, positively pushing the youth to explore their capacities to achieve their objectives. It was very encouraging to see how many of the … Continue reading ‘Goal-Path’ Planning Workshop with Raahi

हमारे साथ काम करें

क्या आप युवा-युवती के नेतृत्व से सामाजिक बदलाव की प्रक्रिया का हिस्सा बनना चाहते हो? क्या आप खुद को ऐसे नेतृत्व में देखते हो जिसे समता, लोकशाही और न्याय का जज़्बा हो? हम विले पार्ले (पू.) और डोम्बिवली (पू.) में हमारे कार्यक्षेत्र में एक फुल टाइम 'कम्युनिटी ऑर्गनाइज़र' को नियुक्त करना चाहते हैं | यह … Continue reading हमारे साथ काम करें