Young women are a very important political group, as citizens in a Democratic Republic. Not always seen as so, but their experiences, opinions, thoughts, actions, initiatives are not only very important for the diverse populations they represent (of different castes, communities, sexualities, religions, mental and physical health, regions, languages, marital status and many other intersectionalities), but for the influence they can have in society once they have the opportunity and courage to access their leadership..

This 2-days residential camp, on Gender, Citizenship and Mental Justice was a milestone with over 80 young women from 10 villages, coming together from Nomadic Denotified, Adivasi, rural, Dalit backgrounds – tent dwelling, working in brick kilns and other such very informal occupations. The knowledge-sharing, thought-building, values & ideology building and most importantly courage building that was possible to facilitate, was with their active participation and contribution.

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