Deepa Pawar a Panelist in Conference by UNHCR & UN Women

Recently on 2nd December, Founder Deepa Pawar put forth her points as a Panelist at the Conference on Violence Against Women organized by UNHCR and UN Women in New Delhi, India. She presented on inter-generational feminism, strategies, ideas going forward. Deepa especially asserted her perspective with Dalit Feminism intersectional lens, herself being a Nomadic Tribe woman.

Self Defense – Mental, Social, Collective

Discrimination and violation of rights may happen in very different ways, especially in the Indian society where diversity and social hierarchies prevail. Often the discrimination happens against a group, sect or community - like women, dalits, adivasis, NT-DNTs etc. While individual self defence techniques may come in use to fight individual attacks, these in a … Continue reading Self Defense – Mental, Social, Collective

Unique Campaign on Violence-free Love on Valentine’s Day

On 14th February, a unique campaign was carried out by the youth leaders of Bamanwada and Dnyaneshwar Nagar to ask for their right to violence-free, fearless love. The campaign started with few young women coming together to create greeting cards to be presented to various stakeholders. These greeting cards were made with messages for creating an … Continue reading Unique Campaign on Violence-free Love on Valentine’s Day