The World Inequality report 2022 states that after the pandemic years, India’s top 10% became the wealthiest ever, while the share of the bottom 50% is the lowest ever.

This is a telling manifestation of how differently the last two years have impacted different populations. It is an indictment of prevailing economic and political systems that keep the rich strong enough to tide over bad times, while snatch everything from the vulnerable.

Our relief campaign continues, and we are deeply conscious that we need to go deeper and find the most vulnerable. In 2021, 95% of our relief participants had multiple marginalizations.

Anubhuti was one of the first to start intersectional, feminist, justice based relief with the criminalized NT-DNT communities. Adopting community collaborative and led strategies, we followed their rich existing knowledge & skills along with capacity building, to reach diverse Bahujan communities.

Women & girls suffered the brunt of hunger and starvation. They also overwhelmingly shouldered the burden of finding food for their families, and the related mental distress. Transpersons suffered much worse neglect.

Within the communities we reached, special efforts were taken to reach at risk groups.