On 26 January that is Republic Day of India we were privileged to have over 1000 audience comprising maximum NT-DNT, Dalit communities, actively participating in Constitution Literacy awareness events. The Anubhuti mentored Badlache Parv Kala Manch carried out awareness through songs, Preamble reading, leaflets distribution, slogans across Ambernath and Vitthalwadi, while a large group of 50 adolescents carried out flash mobs at Badlapur Station.

Some came up to appreciate how these youth as well as their audiences in communities had both the intellectual and emotional connection as well as interest to sit through these awareness events about Constitutionalism, whereas sadly till today, many people do not know the difference between Republic Day and Independence Day, and that this is mostly seen among the more privileged who do not seem to take the intellectual efforts to understand what it means to adopt the Constitution.

The flash mob was certainly the highlight of the day, where 50 children danced their way to the hearts and minds of a large cross section of society who watched them, and who also read along with them during the recitation of the Indian Preamble. These audience took back with them copies of the Indian Preamble and leaflets with information about the Indian Constitution.

Everywhere the younger generation of adolescents and children participated with great enthusiasm and will to learn, while the older youth led with zeal and maturity. Elected corporators, political and social activists, media persons, teachers, and general public came up to appreciate these efforts.