Youth celebrate NT-DNT Vimukta Diwas

August month is celebrated as month of NT-DNT Vimukta Din, to mark 31 August when these communities gained their independance from the offensive, vengeful and wicked criminalization forced upon them, first by colonial British rulers and continued by independant Indian administration. 1st August 2021 was a historic beginning for us, when NT and other marginalized … Continue reading Youth celebrate NT-DNT Vimukta Diwas

Community Counselling with focus on Women at Risk in COVID Pandemic

Anubhuti started community counselling with Nomadic & Denotified tribes (NT-DNT) and other Bahujan communities since the pandemic second wave started gaining ground in early April this year. While Anubhuti’s main work is not related to relief, we took up the challenge last year, when the communities we work with suffered extreme financial hardship. Then, our … Continue reading Community Counselling with focus on Women at Risk in COVID Pandemic

Continued online reach-out

Deepa Pawar, founder of Anubhuti Trust continued with a series of onilne talks, webinars and workshops - some organized by Anubhuti and various by other platforms. WORKSHOPS WITH COLLEGES On 20th January, an inter-college seminar on Safety at Workplace with college teachers was held in collaboration with DGMC, Malad. The POSH Act 2013 and intersections … Continue reading Continued online reach-out

Disaster Management Kits Distribution

On 26th January, we reached another milestone in our work with NT-DNT communities where two NT-DNT groups (residing in and near Kolegaon, Dombivali East and Circus Ground, Ambernath West) were provided with big utensil sets, stove and stretcher - as part of Disaster Management Kits. This was followed by another such distribution on 1st April … Continue reading Disaster Management Kits Distribution

Streetplays on COVID-19 social awareness

The Covid19 pandemic and lockdown brought a wave of difficulties, challenges and injustices. While everyone suffered, it was a "life-and-death period" as stated by founder Deepa Pawar, for NT-DNT communities and other already deprived groups. Among them, women, trans persons, the disabled, etc. were even more vulnerable. They faced privations and exploitation not just economically … Continue reading Streetplays on COVID-19 social awareness

“Sanvidhan Samvaad” (#ConstitutionConversations Campaign)

On 26th January, India's 72nd Republic Day was celebrated uniquely by Anubhuti and youth leaders! Our ‘Hum Samvidhanvadi’ campaign was started in 2016, where people from varius walks of like declared to stand by and with their Indian Constitution. This year a unique strategy was used to take this campaign to every home. ‘Samvidhan Samvaad’ … Continue reading “Sanvidhan Samvaad” (#ConstitutionConversations Campaign)

Disaster Management trainings started with NT-DNT groups

Nomadic Tribes and Denotified Nomadic Tribes (NT/DNT) communities have been historically deprived, discriminated against and under-represented. Although attempts have been made for their upliftment, significant change is yet to be seen. The community needs to bring about their revolution, not just socio-politically or economically, but also intellectually. With this intention in mind, Anubhuti held the … Continue reading Disaster Management trainings started with NT-DNT groups