On 26th January, India’s 72nd Republic Day was celebrated uniquely by Anubhuti and youth leaders! Our ‘Hum Samvidhanvadi’ campaign was started in 2016, where people from varius walks of like declared to stand by and with their Indian Constitution. This year a unique strategy was used to take this campaign to every home. ‘Samvidhan Samvaad’ or ‘Constitution Conversations’ drives were led by youth.

Starting on 26 January, they carried out the drive in two communities – Kolegaon in Dombivali and Circus Ground in Badlapur. They presented plates with the words “मी वचनबद्ध आहे संविधानाच्या मूल्यांच्या प्रति” (“I am committed to the values of the Indian Constitution”). The village’s Zilla Parishad school, Adivasi Pada and several houses were visited. People were proud to put up the plates on their doors; community leaders put it up on their office doors. The idea was to reignite the Democratic spirit, by taking a pledge that every individual is committed to Constitutional values, which also signifies the community’s commitment to Mental Justice, Dignity and Social Justice. The youth explained the importance of the day, and led collective reading of the Indian Constitution’s Preamble. 

“I am feeling proud that my family and neighbors stood with me as we took this pledge to commit to the Indian Constitution”

Pooja, one of the youth who came forward to put up the ‘Constitution Plate’.

“Reciting the Preamble in my chawl, with all my neighbors was a proud moment. I realized that we can come together for such a healthy, motivating, uniting, equalizing practice. We started a tradition today where everyone was an equal participant” – said Harshali, another youth leader.

“I found this program unique and very important, that we are taking the meaning of the Indian Constitution to every house. Otherwise, we don’t even realize the difference between Independence Day and Republic Day”.

Bhushan, one of the youth leading the campaign

The milestone of the day was that the youth succeeded in involving Adivasi Pada of Kolegaon in this campaign. Similarly, the very first Constitution program ever was carried out with the entirely Nomadic & Denotified Tribe (NT-DNT) community of Circus Ground. The Constitution Preamble was read out – led by a youth leader – for the very first time. Their efforts will surely bring positive change as we hope that in near future it will be the Adivasi and NT youth who will be leading their own campaigns!

“We will not only put this up on our houses but on our community spaces, offices..”

Maharashtra state leader of an NT-DNT committee

It gives us immense pleasure to know that people on the ground are standing strong with the Indian Constitution and upholding its values.