On the occasion of World Day Of Social Justice which is observed on February 20 every year, and in the month of March, celebrated as Women’s History Month on occasion of 8 March being International Women’s Day, Anubhuti decided to celebrate with one of the most important stakeholders in upholding Justice and Women’s Rights, that is, the Police.

Social Justice Day is celebrated to raise a voice against social injustices and to bring various communities internationally together to eliminate poverty, gender and physical discrimination, illiteracy, communal or religious discrimination; and to make a socially integrated society. In the want of Justice, the common people turn to the Police first. With this idea in mind, this Day on 20th February was celebrated at two police stations- Manpada Police station and Ramanagar Police station in Dombivali East. Nearly 25 police at each station attended. Anubhuti members gave a brief introduction about our various programs. This was followed by the the youth presenting ‘Samvidhan Paati’ (Door Plates with the having words “मी वचनबद्ध आहे संविधानाच्या मूल्यांच्या प्रति / I am committed to the values of the Indian Constitution”) carved on it, to the senior police officers at respective police stations. This was followed by Preamble reading by youth along with all police officers who had gathered for the event. As a token of appreciation, we also gifted Desk Frames with the words “माणूस म्हणून जगण्यासाठी / To live as a Human” written on it, to all police officials by visiting their cabins.

“The Indian Constitution is our guide and it felt very nice that we celebrated today by remembering its values”

A senior officer of the Manpada police station, Dombivali East

“Today I overcame my fear of the police, it was my first time at the police station. What felt even better is that they want to work with us further” 

Many youth – excited, learning how to work with stakeholders

Similar events were carried out on 15th March with the Badlapur Gaon Police Station and Shivaji Chowk Police Station in Badlapur – again reaching close to 25 police each. Posters on Mental Health awareness were also presented which they promtply put up.

They were happy to interact and they took great pride in putting up the “I am committed to Indian Constitution” Plate in their police station and “To live as a human” frames on their tables. Both Manpada & Ramnagar police have invited us to collaborate for bigger public events, and the Badlapur police stations were happy to know that they could refer cases to our newly opened Community Resource Centre at Rahtoli for counselling.

Along with these, an important initiative was taken – the group led by NT-DNT youth presented letters requesting sensitive behaviour and attention of police towards NT-DNT communities. All the police stations accepted the letters and promised cooperation wherever possible.

With these events, the role of police in creating a violence-free, fearless society was reiterated. We eagerly look forward to the next collaboration!