On the occasion of Savitribai Phule Jayanti, a day before on 2nd January we launched our bi-lingual Mental Justice Planner Diary 2021. With artwork, photos, quotes by our community and some extremely important messages for our mental health with social justice – in easy to understand, everyday language. It was inaugurated by Rotary Club of Dombivli members Arun Ashtikar sir and Dashrath Dongre sir, along with KDMC officials, E-Ward health officials Shri Narendra Dhotre and Shri Jayant Gadge

Our aim is to reach ground level community workers and leaders, with literature on Mental health in simple language. The diary is printed in both Marathi and English language, and contains messages which can help all persons to have mental and emotional stability. Therefore, Anubhuti started its drive to distribute the diary free of charge to all community youth, women and other important stakeholders like police officials, political leaders and intellectuals. We also parcelled some diaries all over India to people whom we couldn’t reach physically. 

“Just received a copy of Anubhuti Trust’s Mental Justice Planner 2021! I love the pictures and its use of both English and Marathi. I’m going to love going through it in more detail!”

Samira Nadkarni, teacher and journalist

Youth are very excited to read, reflect, note, plan, document in these diaries. 

“आपल्या जीवनातील प्रत्येक क्षण योग्य मार्गाने जगण्यासाठी या नोंद वही चा वापर करण्यात येईल”

Lalchand Bhoir, community leader of Kolegaon.

As we met stakeholders across sectors, it felt nice to hear such meaningful feedback from leaders. Where there had been a struggle to build a relationship in the beginning, it is a milestone to now discuss collaborations for the mental justice of the community.

“हॊ, डायरी च्या प्रत्येक पानावर रिऍलिस्टिक विचार आहेत… प्रॅक्टिकॅलिटी पुरेपूर भरली आहे… मज्जा येतेय रोज नव लिहिता लिहिता वाचायला..”

Amol Rajshri Tanaji Shingade

Our concept of  Mental Justice includes connecting stakeholders of every field to its vision, ensuring their commitment to every person’s mental dignity and empowerment. Dissemination of mental justice diaries continued with NT-DNT leaders, Health officers, Sanitation officers till February this year. 

“अनुभूति के माध्यम से बनाई गयी मेंटल जस्टिस प्लानर २०२१ को जमीनी महिला नेतृत्व पढ़ते हुए! बहोतही बढीया लगा कि जमिनी औरते मानसिक न्याय और सेहत के बारे में समझ रही है .”

Deepa Pawar