Valentine’s day is celebrated on 14th February every year as a day to express love among friends, family members, romantic lovers. Often we celebrate with those whom we love and cherish the existent bonds. But hardly do we celebrate it with people with whom we have certain disagreements, or hold grudges against. Unexpressed feelings of jealousy, hatred, misgivings etc. may breed tensions in relationships. To address these feelings and to celebrate the Day of Love with the ones we may not be very fond of, was uniquely thought of by Anubhuti.

This Valentine’s Day, the youth of Kolegaon gathered together in the community centre, decorated the walls with lovely paintings and balloons. Spreading words of love and solidarity among each other, they interacted and expressed their difficult feelings, unexpressed grudges. This way they had the courage to stand with love, take feedback, say sorry, unlearn, rebuild themselves and their relationships. All got a chance to say out loud ther insecurities and clear out their misunderstandings among each other. 

“We always celebrate Valentine’s Day with those we love and never with those we dislike. But this disliking is usually a result of misunderstandings, which can be cleared out by talking to each other. Celebrating this day in such a way was a step towards newly rebuilding friendships on a positive note”,

Reshma Ahire, Community In-charge, Kolegaon.