In the backdrop of violence and fundamentalism across the country including in Manipur and other parts of the country, on Independance Day, youth from different parts of Thane District – NTDNT tent communities, Adivasi padas, rural villages, Dalit communities stood up in a Human Chain to strongly show their stance for the safety, rights, dignity of women, LGBTIQ persons, children, and all minorities. They had posters with strongly worded positive messages for the Constitutional rights of different groups, communities, regions, religions and castes. At Dombivli station, the railway police not only gave permission but collaborated with the youth for this event and stood hand in hand on the foot over bridges and skywalk with posters that proclaimed the right for every person’s social, physical, mental, political, administrative presence, participation and leadership in every space – personal, education, workplaces, public places, transportation and most importantly ideological.

The railway station space was reclaimed by representatives of the large population of nomadic, rural, Dalit, Adivasis – who provide essential economic, social and cultural contributions, but are rendered invisible – and they occupied this space with Constitutional and progressive messages. Hundreds saw, recorded, photographed and spoke to the youth as they not only stood in the Human Chain but handed out leaflets and copies of the Indian Constitution’s Preamble, held discussions, gave slogans and sang songs of unity, fraternity and diversity.