On 9th August, on the proud occasion of Adivasi Day (Indigenous Peoples Day), we had the privilege of inaugurating our new centre with Nomadic & Denotified Tribe families living in a tent settlement in Ambernath. This is a ‘Community Participation & Development Centre’ – which will be designed, used and run with the participation and leadership of the community it is serving. We already have two such centres – one in the peri-urban Kolegaon village in Dombivali, and one in the rural and Adivasi Rahtoli-Chon villages in Badlapur.

This Centre will cater to over 50000 population of majority nomadic as well as other bahujan youth, women, trans persons and men of Ambernath, Ulhasnagar, Vitthalwadi etc. with Mental Health, civil rights, career leadership and Constitution Literacy.

The proudest moment was the setting up of the Indian Constitution’s Preamble and of Framed images of our great Indian progressive leaders including Dr Ambedkar, Savitribai Phule, Umaji Naik, Birsa Munda, and Shivaji Maharaj by NT-DNT youth, women and community leaders.

We trule appreciate Mariwala Health Initiative for their continued support to such mental health work from a holistic lens.