Yesterday on the 75th Indian IndependenceDay, over 300 youth – from children to young adults – took a very strong stand with the Indian Constitution, democracy, dignity, freedom, expression and Human Rights, and against Casteism, violence and discrimination of any form.

Across our Community Centres at Kolegaon, Rahtoli, Chon and Ambernath Circus Ground – a strong youth force rallied through their villages – involving teachers, students, doctors, activists, parents and peers at every public spot and institution.

They rallied around the rousing call of HumSavidhanvadi (हमसंविधानवादी) – our campaign started in 2016 which till date has built Constitution Literacy with over 10000 youth, women, transpersons, children, stakeholders, sanitation workers, teachers, students, health workers, activists, elected corporators, community leaders and many others of NT-DNT, adivasi, nomadic, Bahujan, rural, informal workers communities.

Older youth leaders led the whole process at all 4 locations – while mentoring and giving centre stage to the next generation of younger youth.. thus building second-line leadership for Indian Constitutional Commitment.