On the 22nd of June, Members of Raahi Youth Network got together for a session on creating their goals, in order to achieve their dreams of the future.

The session led by Deepa Pawar was very intensive, positively pushing the youth to explore their capacities to achieve their objectives. It was very encouraging to see how many of the youth’s personal and socio-political goals came together in their presentations.

…through this session I saw how planning is important to our work, and in our personal lives.

Govinda Shekhar Swami

This was a really awesome activity- very important for my self growth. We need to be clear about our goals. I even took a picture in case I lose this paper then at least I’ll still have my goals clearly in front of me.

Yogita Shilwant

I had actually already made a plan the last year- but I didn’t not execute it. However this plan more specific and clear and will help me push myself. The community map also helps make the goals more approachable.

Yash Jha

Before looking at advocacy, we have to see how much we can achieve for ourselves, and our community. If we don’t we can’t be sustainable.

Kamlesh Kasbale

We thank The Pollination Project for their support for sessions with Raahi.