Logistical and administrative work is extremely important not only in carrying out the core work of a NGO but also to effectively and strongly participate as part of civil society in a Democratic country. However, this is one of the most challenging qualities that social activists need to develop – and many a times face a drawback. We have felt in Anubhuti that this affects not only the individual’s mental health but the team’s mental health. This is not just about administrative skills, but a crucial part of leadership. Keeping this mind, during World Mental Health month, we had a team training on 4th October, on “Administrative Leadership”.

As one team member said:

As the trainer has said, NGOs play an important part in the country’s administrative system. This is a big learning for me, since countries where this is not the case, are not strongly democratic.

Immediate mental relief can be felt following this training and connected discussions and implementation.

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