On the occasion of NT-DNT freedom fighter Umaji Naik’s Birth Anniversary, Anubhuti launched a scholarship program for NT-DNT, SC, ST youth – with focus on girls. Taking this opportunity, the newly mobilized youth at our Kolegaon center were oriented about our commitment to the values and structure of the Indian Constitution with song presentation by Badlache Parv Kala Manch; on 7th September. Continuing with the celebration of Umaji Naik’s Birth anniversary, this unknown freedom fighter’s contribution in the fight against British was oriented to the youth. His story of initiating the first revolutionary attempt in the grassroots in Maharashtra in the early nineteenth century, proved to be very inspirational for the young minds attending the session. Orienting the participants, Amrita De spoke about the importance of education as linked to our intellectual revolution as stated by Dr. Ambedkar and why Anubhuti came up with this scholarship program. The scholarship intends to financially help the students belonging to NT/DNT, SC, ST communities, to pursue further studies. Those who have dropped out, who couldn’t study further due to some reason, are also being reached.

Anubhuti’s scholarship is unique in the sense that it is based on social justice, not so-called merit only based on marks – which is a function of one’s social capital and puts youth from deprived backgrounds at a disadvantage. When youth from such communities continue in education – that itself is an achievement, since it is done against multiple obstacles, by their own determination and hard work. Anubhuti gives scholarships along with in-depth counselling and trainings on understanding self, making goals, planning career while taking care of one’s mental health. It is thus part of our #MentalJustice initiative.