Honored to announce our Anti Discrimination Committee members of 2021-2023! All of them belong to marginalized communities and identities, and have lived experiences of discriminations due to social hierarchies. Do go through their profiles, we are truly privileged to have them.

Many a times Bahujan representation remains tokenist. We strive to dismantle such practices, and are privileged to have maximum members of our Anti Discrimination Committee representing youth, LGBTIQ, PwD, highly informal sector workers within NT-DNT, religious minority & bahujan communities.

They are best equipped to monitor, suggest, recommend, handle complaints and oversee our organization’s work for Equity and Justice. They have rich lived experiences of working and leading pioneering movements among the most marginalized.

NT-DNT & other Bahujans represented on this committee are leading the economy since history with their intellectual, physical and emotional labour. They have deep lived experiences of highly informal kinds of work. And can best evaluate & suggest workplace rights, safety, dignity.

Majority of our Anti Discrimination Committee members live in the communities we work in. They not only visit and suggest changes periodically, but are intricately part of our planning, implementation, leading processes – being in constant monitoring and evaluation roles.

Committed to social justice, knowing that NGOs are as much part of social hierarchies, Anubhuti had constituted Anti Discrimination Policy in 2016 right after formation. Instead of being a risk & burden, we have found it to be a healthy, motivating process!