The Nomadic and De-notified Tribes (NT-DNT) form a major pillar of our society – their contributions to labor force, arts, culture, technology are immense but unrecognized. It is our responsibility to stand with them during these difficult times.

Today, tune in at 8pm IST to the Instagram handle @karmaatalks to hear our founder Deepa Pawar, herself from the Gadiya Lohar nomadic tribe, speak about observations and learnings over the past year, as we work closely with NT-DNT communities. This was our first relief work experience, and undoubtedly, it is these communities who keep themselves alive despite massive challenges. Not just in the current pandemic but over generations of disasters they face regularly.

What can we do to encourage their existing ground leadership – honed over centuries of struggle? How can we as mainstream society ensure their sustainable growth, without appropriating their achievements? Why is it our responsibility to stand with them – like they have silently stood by us, building, maintaining and servicing villages and cities that never truly accepted them as equal citizens?

Update: The conversation is available for viewing below.