This is part of a small program that Anubhuti has started since the beginning of our group’s formation. Since 2016, we are organizing visits to sites of historical significance – especially sites that have seen important democratic, egalitarian, progressive events and actions. These have included Savtiribai Phule’s school in Bhidewada, Pune as well as her home in Naigaon; various forts and other spots connected to Shivaji Maharaj; lands that hold the legacy of Shahu Maharaj, and such other places rich with Bahujan history.

On Sunday 3rd July, we had another such trip with over 60 youngsters of Adivasi, rural backgrounds from villages such as Chon and Rahtoli in Badlapur and Kolegaon in Dombivali.

Buddh Leni (Buddhist Caves), lands where great leaders such as Shivaji Maharaj and Shahu Maharaj carried out their social-political movements and revolutions – are not simply tourism spots but places where our youth generation may look for the roots of their histories. These are places where they may guide their steps towards true history, give rise to an intellectual temperament, find their original social & political status as Adivasi, nomadic youth, and begin to reject sources of false information and histories.

Developing their critical thinking, contemplation, exploring ideologies of humanity, equality and progressive thinking, etc. by grassroot youth force – are some of the objectives behind this effort. Sometimes, only in-house trainings and discussions can get exhausting; intellectual engagement also needs to be on the field and outdoors. Keeping this in mind, these kind of tours have always been organized by Anubhuti and shall be continued into the future.

It was an amazing experience for all the youth and team to re-visit each Buddhist carving in Kanheri while understanding the history of Buddhist movement and activists that they depict. It was even more amazing that maximum participants were Adivasi, Nomadic, Bahujan youth who have a special connection with Buddhism.

We thank Anil Jadhav, Prajyot Kadam, Durgesh Gaikwad, Sudarshan Sawale and Sanghamitra of the group Ashoka Warriors who shared their invaluable research. The information they have painstakingly gathered, and the love and passion with which they selflessly disseminate their knowledge is truly commendable.