35 young & middle aged women from 3 villages from Dombivali to Badlapur including from Adivasi, SC and NT-DNT communities, came together for a full day mental health retreat at a farmhouse. For almost all of them, this was the first time in many years that they had taken out time for a full day for themselves.

The day was full of activities, games, discussions and presentations – where the women received training and deliberated upon Mental Health, Body Literacy, Body Dignity, Rights and Leadership.

There were many inspiring take aways that women shared:

“Today’s half hour of games was the first time in 25 yrs I simply played, without any storm of thoughts clouding my mind. Never thought this would be possible”

“Being single is not a vulnerability but freedom for me. If resources are available otherwise, being with a man is not a necessity, is not a privilege. Instead it’s an opportunity to live and spend time with myself”

More than five women said that they will not get their daughters married early. Because they understand that early marriage will, along with various problems, affect their daughters’ mental health.