Continuing the process of education support with youth of NT-DNT, adivasi, rural and migrant communities, Anubhuti is holding Career Leadership trainings with students who have recently passed or appeared for 10th and 12th Board exams. These are based on our unique Career Leadership module which helps students understand self, their own and community strengths, the concept of going step by step and identifying at which stage of planning they are at, and mainly develops their leadership first in the context of career before giving technical information about different careers.

Three such workshops with different groups have been completed – with youth and parents from Vaidu Vasti in Vitthalvadi, Kolegaon in Dombivli, Circus Ground, Barkupada and Prakash Nagar in Ambernath, and various communities in Badlapur – across Thane District. These trainings were accompanied by provision of some small encouragement like school supplies as school/college begins.

These youth are breaking centuries of bias and discrimination, by entering higher education spaces. They are bringing about historical change, creating the very first examples dealing with many obstacles of gender, financial distress, harsh lifestyles, working since a very young age, despite very less sources of motivation. Anubhuti finds it our ethical responsibility to stand with these young leaders in their journey of claiming the right to education.