Youth leaders of Kolegaon were inspired to organize an awareness activity with their peers, after attending a residential leadership training camp in November, where they underwent a session on “Youth & Priorities” by Deepa Pawar and their worldview changed. A number of youth leaders realised how, as a normal “youth”, our priorities can be the ususal trio of family-education-job, but as a “youth leader” while the above priorities do remain, the topmost becomes social change or some form of social responsibility.

This concept touched many, and these youth came back to their village wanting to take this message to their peers. They therefore orgnaized a workshop for class 11 students of Sakharam Sheth Vidyalay in Kolegaon. The youth leaders took care of everything from taking permission from the school, mobilizing students, registration, food and other logistics.

They invited Deepa from Anubhuti to take the workshop and this was modelled on the pressures on youth today, and how taking on social responsibility is not a pressure but a liberation – a path to developing self, community, family and society. The students being very fresh responded positively but had questions. Anubhuti’s youth leaders worked hard to drive home the message by their own examples.

We truly appreciate the effort taken by these young leaders, and even more their commitment to social change. This activity was part of the Kadam Badhate Chalo program supported by Martha Farrell Foundation, PRIA and Pro-Sport Development.

Few of the youth organizing team (left) and students for whom workshop was organized (right)
Youth Leaders interacting with their peers