Theater Workshop with Adolescents

Continuing with our workshops to build on the inherent body confidence, voice confidence, expressiveness and engagement with social issues - as seen in Bahujan youth and women, we had a full-day Theater Workshop with adolescents on November 5. There were more than 70 rural, Adivasi, NT-DNT, Bahujan children from Chon, Rahtoli, Circus Ground, and Kolegaon. … Continue reading Theater Workshop with Adolescents

Expression through Songs with Women

Women especially of Dalit, Bahujan, NTDNT, Adivasi, rural communities are adept at expressions through songs, poems, ditties... they have also been the creators and propagators of social change through songs at a very grassroot level. Anubhuti has been working with the women in the villages where our centres are located - Kolegaon, Rahtoli, Chon - … Continue reading Expression through Songs with Women

Residential Photography Training Camp with Young Women

On 28-29 October, we were very excited to organize a residential camp on Photography, Videography and how to handle cameras with NT-DNT, Adivasi, and Dalit Bahujan young women from the different communities where we work. While devices like cameras and mobile phones are not easily accessed by them, given the opportunity, a whole world of … Continue reading Residential Photography Training Camp with Young Women