We are all indebted to Jyotiba Phule, among many reasons is his digging out the true history and birth anniversary date of Shivaji Maharaj – an egalitarian, inclusive, just, secular ruler & leader who pioneered many innovative practices. Phule brought more clearly to us this version of Shivaji; we thank his pioneering efforts and later historians such as Pansare & A. H. Salunkhe who gave us more detailed accounts of Shivaji’s Human Values. While we do not support monarchy, keeping in mind those times, Shivaji remained committed to bringing about ‘people’s rule’, respect for women irrespective of her background, upholding the dignity of farmers & workers, actively seeking out and promoting talent from the masses that is Bahujans; he was a visionary, and strove to bring the deprived to the mainstream.

Such role models are very important for our youth who are entering society as contributing members, activists, change-makers. Badlache Parv Kala Manch youth at Kolegaon, Rahtoli, Chon villages celebrated Shiv Jayanti today with rural, adivasi women & youth, using songs and speeches to take aspects of this true history to the people.