As a feminist organization working for youth leadership, it is very important to keep creating spaces for young women, where their leadership, their expressions, their thought-process, their intellectual development shall grow without gendered hindrances.

On 25th September we had a full-day workshop with over 40 NT-DNT, Bahujan young women from four villages, padas, tent settlements – Kolegaon, Vitthalwadi, Rahtoli and Circus Ground – on Mental Health and Mental Justice with focus on relationships.

Love, attraction and friendships are a major factor in the mental health of youth of this age, and in the context of young women, there are added layers of consent, respect, values, equity, safety and so on that get complicated by gender and caste. This workshop brought up many sharings by the young women who are majorly from Bahujan communities, where it was stressed that they need to identify the privilege of their partners and protect their own Constitutional rights in their relationship accordingly.