We had a recent full day training with 60 young men at ITI College, Ambernath. There is no doubt about the need for Mental health support in Higher Education. Multiple news & statistics paint a grim picture of how we are failing our youth- especially Bahujan youth already dealing with low social confidence, financial crises, resourceless-ness, and unsure future. Along with disproportionately more pressure- they have very few opportunities which if they fail they won’t get another chance to succeed.

After our “Mann Mela – Mental Justice Fair” last year with young women students at ITI (Industrial Training Institute) Ambernath, we had several meetings about the Mental Health issues of the maximum Bahujan youth who attend this institution. Teachers, authorities & students requested long-term collaboration for their mental justice. We are on the way to creating a successful case study with social, political, intellectual development interventions for the mental empowerment & mental dignity of 1500 Bahujan, Adivasi, NT-DNT youth.