Anubhuti is carrying out a series of health camps in the last month as soon as COVID restrictions were fully lifted in Maharashtra.

Communities are still emerging from long-term injuries of COVID, and such health support is part of our relief work. The acute financial instability, unemployment, malnutrition, and insecurity had created a circle of mental and physical collapses. Nomadic populations being severely affected, it is important to provide long-term health relief with their most vulnerable groups that is women, girls, adolescents, the old, persons with disability..

3 such health camps have been carried out so far: the first in a semi-rural community Kolegaon in Dombivali, the second in Rahtoli a village in interiors of Badlapur and the third in Netivali a hilly urban community in Kalyan. They have primarily reached Nomadic, Denotified, rural, Adivasi, migrant populations working highly informal jobs (eg. brick kiln workers) with free, dignified, sensitive health consultations and check-up.

Best practices developed by Anubhuti in our vaccination drives are continued. These take care of minute planning, including:

  • Community collaboration: Community leaders’ guidance in planning, identifying venue, finalizing check-ups, giving orders for food etc., deciding date & time, mobilization.
  • Youth-led mobilization reaching the most ‘outer’ settlements
  • Water, food
  • Child safety
  • Waiting area
  • Rigorous documentation
  • Calm atmosphere
  • Respectful behaviour
  • Community youth volunteers at every desk trained in intersectional approach to make sure each client with varying needs is comfortable and able to access the service optimally.