Youth group and Mahila Samiti members of Bamanwada have been carrying out a campaign under ‘Right to Pee’ for better community toilets in their area. Over the last two years, they have done toilet audits, collected signatures of hundreds of their co-residents, submitted the same with letter to their Corporator and MLA, and finally one community toilet was repaired with their demands.

The girls and women however were not satisfied with just this, and rightfully feel that all community and public toilets should adhere to dignity of every individual. They decided to use a creative campaign event for this – the flash mob.

On occasion of World Toilet Day on 19th November, the girls put up a dance show at the overbridge ticket counter in Andheri West, to an audience of hundreds. Their choice of songs were about women’s empowerment and gave the message of need for body dignity in public sanitation. People found the method unique and creative and more than a 100 signed postcards with demands for better toilets to be sent to the BMC. This was the first time most girls had danced anywhere in public, and to do so with the immense energy needed to get across a social message through dance was truly commendable.

The women of Mahila Samiti supported the performance by holding up placards, getting signatures, and taking care of other logistics.

Much love and thanks to our well-wisher Neha Mehta, who choreographed and taught the really uplifting dance routine.

The Right to Pee campaign by Bamanwada Mahila Samiti and Youth group