Like the name suggests, this Internship Program is a unique opportunity to engage in social change work that is rooted in experience, empathy and solidarity.

Anubhuti has been formed in 2016 by a young woman activist, who then had 16 years’ experience of grounded, grassroot as well as state and national-level work with youth, girls, women, communities, administration, political leaders, campaigns and movements. Over the last two years, the organisation has reached over 10000 people with its mission of socio-political youth leadership that leads to a more just, equitable and democratic society.

This year we annouce our first Internship Program where interns shall first-hand engage with socio-political processes of our country and be part of ways to bring about actual change against discrimination, violence, marginalisation, unequal development opportunities, unemployment, state neglect, poor administration, biased media, caste divides, patriarchal norms and so on. Following are the details:

  • The internship program will be for a minimum of 3 months. Timings and days can be kept flexible as per convenience and need.
  • Training with orientation shall be conducted upon joining, followed by placement in one of our projects:

– Community Participation & Development Centres – developing youth and women leaders from the community to equitably develop their areas

– Sharir Sanvaad Abhiyan – campaign for equal sexual reproductive rights

– Raahi Youth Network – a network of youth leaders across Mumbai to Khopoli implementing independant projects

– Hum Savidhanvadi – a campaign to promote constitutional values in face of divisive forces based on gender, caste, class, language, religion and so on.

  • The intern shall have opportunity to learn by doing:

 – Leadership

– Community Development

– Research

– Advocacy with local and higher governments

– Using Art, Films, Social Media, etc.

– Written, Photo, Video Documentation

– Campaigns

– Cultural programs

And other strategies for social change.

  • Travel and other costs incurred in the course of the work shall be re-imbursed.
  • Those with a strong commitment and inclination to work in the grassroot are encouraged to apply. Having knowledge of Marathi or Hindi is preferable.
  • Please write a mail to, or send a message by SMS or whatsapp to Amrita – 9820778330 / Deepa – 9773366000 with your name, age, background, contact details and why you wish to be part of this kind of work. You shall be called for an interview followed by orientation.

We welcome everyone with a wish to work for and learn about building a more equal and just society – educational background, knowledge of English and other such requirements are not important at all!