A woman is supposed to take care of her entire family, household, and then ‘make available’ her earnings – not earn but make available..

– said a highly experienced working woman about her family situation on International Women’s Day which is a historically symbolic day of women’s labour rights. It was a statement highlighting how much is left to do, but that grassroot women leaders are saying this means such patriarchal mindsets have a short life left.

Celebrated #InternationalWomensDay on occasion of 8th March this year with 40 political and administrative ground level workers and leaders – across Kalyan, Dombivali, Titwala, Bhopar, Dahisar Pimpri, etc. SHG heads, small entrepreneurs, owners of village schools, presidents of Mahila Mandals, Anganwadi teachers, political party workers – those who have opened their homes, resources and efforts to working with the most vulnerable sections of society. They live in the same communities, and being frontline leaders, are stakeholders with the most stake in social change.

It was an energetic discussion – spanning the meaning of Women’s Day beyond one day, continuing patriarchal challenges in a changing world, breaking the shackles of who a good woman should be, legal backing to women’s physical, sexual and mental health, networking with each other for change. Men were also an enthusiastic and supportive part of the discussions.

Most importantly – a 6 months course was announced for such grassroot workers for more sensitive, just, effective efforts for socioeconomic and political work. More updates about this later..

We truly thank Mariwala Health Initiative, due to whose support we could include a module on concpetual and legal understanding of mental health in this event. We find mental health to connect with every social issue – because —

When fundamental rights are denied, our mental health is affected.

– Deepa Pawar, Anubhuti Founder Director