अनुभूती संस्था की ओर से संविधान साक्षरता की जो इम्तेहान लिए गये इस के लिए मै अनुभूती संस्था को दिल से बधाई देता हू और उन्हें दिल से जिंदाबाद केहता हू. काफी अलग तरह की सोच को उन्होंने हमारे सामने रखा है ये सच मे काबिले तारीफ है. हम सभी जानते है की संविधान को लेकर अलग अलग संस्था संघटन अलग अलग कार्यक्रम लेते है, लोगों मे संविधान के प्रती सन्मान और समझ बढ़ाने की कोशिश करते है पर अनुभूती संस्था की ये पेहल सबसे अलग है ये बात को मै यहां ठोस तरीके से अधोरेखित करता हू.

विजय खरात, युवा मुंबई (Vijay Kharat, YUVA Mumbai) – examiner in our Constitution Literacy Exam

अनुभूती च्या सर्व टीम ला मला धन्यवाद द्यायचा आहे कारण संविधान साक्षरता परीक्षा या प्रोसेस मध्ये सहभाग घेण्याची संधी मला दिल्या बद्दल. आणि संविधान या विषयाला धरून अश्या प्रकारे जागरूकता तरुणांच्या मध्ये पसरविण्याचा उपक्रम चालू केल्या बद्दल सुद्धा..

Sonali Shirke – a volunteer

I support women’s right to sexual and reproductive health. I will do what I can to sensitise the men I work with about this.

Male health worker after workshop

I will make sure that my body is respected. Even if it is my partner I will be aware that he has to respect it.

Young woman after a workshop

If we can’t even speak about our body parts, how will we be able to talk about our need for better toilets?

Elderly woman discusses the right to dignified sanitation

I wasn’t even aware that such a day is celebrated – we lawyers are upholders of justice, we should be aware of such days.

Lawyer during campaign on World Social Justice Day

I won’t mind if my children are either boys or girls, and if they are girls, I will never discriminate against them the way some people do.

Boy from Kolegaon community

There is little equity in my home, where there is discrimination between my brother and myself – but equity is my constitutional right!

Young woman on a train

It is liberating to hear a young woman speaking about her sexuality, especially on a public platform like this.. Of course we have sexual feelings, but no one acknowledges it.

Young woman in audience after hearing a Raahi member speak

It’s easy to follow instructions and rules, especially coming from seniors, even if it makes you uncomfortable. As youth, we need to learn to question and to take responsibility.

Male member of Raahi youth network