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Founder Deepa Pawar speaks about using data for making colleges Youth Mental Health friendly – as a Goalkeeper from India

Dhakka Chavdi la.. by the budding Badlache Parv Kala Manch – a cultural group using songs, theater for social change

Monsoon Sports Day in Bamanwada – first time mixed gender sports in the area – as part of KBC program.

Monsoon Sports Day in Kolegaon – as part of Kadham Badhate Chalo program supported by PRIA, MFF and Pro Sport Development, New Delhi

Youth groups from Kolegaon and Bamanwada at their first residential camp in Neral, Maharashtra.

Youth lead re-enrollment drive in Kolegaon & Bamanwada.

Women leaders of Right to Pee campaign in Bamanwada, Vile Parle (East).

‘Takkar De!’ – the slogan created by Anubhuti founder Deepa Pawar with other team members and here being raised with youth at IAWS 2017 National Conference in Chennai.

Anubhuti member and Raahi leader Poonam Labde after winning the YIN Youth Leadership Award in 2018.

A youth leader from Kolegaon, giving feedback after participating in a workshop on scientific enquiry the perils of ‘blindly’ following rituals and cultural norms.

Male health workers give feedback after a workshop with them on equal sexual rights of women under our ‘Sharir Sanvaad Abhiyan’, which they wholeheartedly accepted and supported.

Apne Watan Me – an old Bollywood song written by Sahir Ludhianvi, and scripted into a street play by Anubhuti founder Deepa Pawar. Above being performed by youth of Kolegaon in their village during 15th August Independance Day celebrations in 2017, and below by youth of Bamanwada in their basti.

Youth in Kolegaon creatively expressed their wishes and demands for a safer, inclusive village and society.

Raahi member explains the concept of Youth Leadership that she has experienced with Anubhuti.